Tahu Sumedang

West Java

A traditional tofu factory where you can watch tofu being made and fried in coconut oil and then, the best bit, devour it in the cafe. It's a half-hour drive northeast of Ciwidey on the road to Bandung.

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1. Kawah Putih

8.59 MILES

Sulphur mists swirl around the deadened and burnt black trees that line the shores of the acid-water volcanic lake of Kawah Putih (or white lake). It's a…

2. Kawah Rengganis

9.74 MILES

Lovely Kawah Rengganis (also known as Kawah Cibuni) is a pretty, isolated river fed by hot springs and surrounded by billowing steam from volcanic vents…

3. Situ Patengan

11.02 MILES

Situ Patengan is a pretty lake buried into the folds of mountains carpeted in tea estates and remnant patches of forest. It's a popular stop with local…

4. Malabar Tea Estate

11.86 MILES

If you want to visit a tea plantation, head for the Malabar Tea Estate, where you can tour the grounds and stay at the creaky, colonial guesthouse, the…

5. Alun-Alun

13.33 MILES

Overlooked by the Grand Mosque, the city's main square is a grassy expanse and a hub of bustling activity at almost anytime.

6. Museum Konperensi

13.46 MILES

The Museum Konperensi inside the Gedung Merdeka (Freedom Building) is dedicated to the Asia-Africa conference of 1955, which Bandung hosted and the echoes…

7. Governor's Residence

13.8 MILES

One of Bandung's most beautifully restored period buildings, though you can only gaze at it from behind the railings.

8. Bandung Institute of Technology

15.22 MILES

Opened in 1920, the ITB was the first university open to Indonesians – Sukarno studied here, and it has a reputation for political activism. In 1998, in…