Set in the village of Kidal, with houses rising all around – along with one conspicuously clucking chicken farm – this graceful temple was built around 1260 as the burial shrine of King Anusapati (the second Singosari king, who died in 1248). Now 12m high, it originally topped 17m and is an example of East Javanese architecture. Its slender form has pictures of the Garuda (mythical man-bird) on three sides, plus bold, glowering kala heads and medallions of the haruna.

Two kala makara (dragons) guard the steps – one is male and the other female. It remains a pilgrimage site and you will see the remains of offerings left within the shrine.

Hourly brown angkot (3000Rp) run from Tumpang market to Candi Kidal; the last one returns at 4pm.