Yuksom in detail

Yuksom-Tashiding Hikes

New jeep roads at both ends mean that the once popular Yuksom–Tashiding day hike (19km) is now more commonly reversed and shortened to a few hours. The shortest, still-roadless version starts with a taxi from Tashiding to Pokhari Dara village with its locally famous pea-green pond. From here, a well-trodden, largely self-explanatory route goes through upper Nessa (10 minutes), past lonely, earthquake-damaged Hongri Gompa (one hour), and reaches Tsong less than an hour later. Finding a vehicle from Tsong on to Yuksom can be hit-and-miss. If you fail, walk another 4km to Dubdi Gompa then descend the stairway-path from there. To lengthen the walk further (partly by jeep-road), start further east at attractive Silnon Gompa.