Trimurti Cave Temple

Top choice in Mamallapuram (Mahabalipuram)

At the northern end of the Mamallapuram Hill compound, the Trimurti Cave Temple depicts the Hindu 'trinity' amid guardian figures: Brahma (left), Shiva (centre) and Vishnu (right). A fine carving of elephants adorns the back side of the rock.

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1. Krishna's Butterball

0.05 MILES

You can't miss this enormous boulder (and favourite photo spot), balancing precariously on Mamallapuram Hill, right opposite the compound's northernmost…

2. Ganesh Ratha

0.08 MILES

Decorated with lion-shaped pillar bases, the Ganesh Ratha is carved from a single rock and was originally a Shiva shrine.

3. Varaha Mandapa

0.11 MILES

Home to some of Mamallapuram's most brilliant carvings, the Varaha Mandapa depicts Vishnu's boar avatar, Varaha, lifting the earth out of the oceans (left…

4. Arjuna’s Penance

0.12 MILES

The crowning masterpiece of Mamallapuram’s stonework, this giant relief carving is one of India's greatest ancient artworks. Inscribed on two huge,…

5. Raya Gopura

0.13 MILES

Generally thought to be an unfinished gopuram dating from the 16th century.

7. Lion Throne

0.15 MILES

A beautifully carved throne or seat in the shape of a lion, a little west (uphill) from the Raya Gopura on Mamallapuram Hill.