Sullivan Memorial

The Western Ghats

Just 2km north of Kotagiri centre, the house built in 1819 by Ooty founder John Sullivan has been refurbished in bright red and filled with fascinating photos, newspaper cuttings and artefacts related to local tribal groups, European settlement and icons like the miniature train. Also here is the Nilgiri Documentation Centre (, dedicated to preserving the region's beauty and heritage.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby The Western Ghats attractions

1. Catherine Falls

3.81 MILES

Catherine Falls is 8km south of Kotagiri off the Mettupalayam road; the last 2km or so are on foot, and the falls only flow after rain.

2. Dolphin’s Nose

4.93 MILES

About 10km west of town, this popular viewpoint exposes vast panoramas encompassing Catherine Falls across the valley.

3. Lamb’s Rock

6.25 MILES

A favourite picnic spot in a patch of monkey-patrolled forest, Lamb's Rock has incredible views past glimmering tea and coffee plantations to the hazy…

4. Highfield Tea Estate

6.43 MILES

Over 50 years old, this estate (2km northeast of upper Coonoor) is one of the few working Nilgiri tea factories open to visitors. Guides jump in quickly,…

5. Sim’s Park

6.99 MILES

Upper Coonoor's 12-hectare Sim’s Park, established in 1874, is a peaceful oasis of sloping manicured lawns with more than 1000 plant species from several…

6. Kodanad Viewpoint

7.06 MILES

About 19km north of Kotagiri, Kodanad Viewpoint boasts vistas across both the Coimbatore Plains and the Mysore Plateau.

7. Doddabetta

8.62 MILES

About 7km east of Ooty, Doddabetta is the highest point (2633m) in the Nilgiris. On clear days, it's one of the best viewpoints around; go early for a…

8. Botanical Gardens

10.04 MILES

Established in 1848, these pretty 22-hectare gardens are a living gallery of the Nilgiris' natural flora. Keep an eye out for a typical Toda mund (village…