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Mudumalai Tiger Reserve

The Western Ghats

In the foothills of the Nilgiris, this newly enlarged 765-sq-km wildlife reserve is like a classical Indian landscape painting given life, with chital deer, wild boar, gaur (Indian bison), peacocks, langurs, jackals, Malabar giant squirrels and wild elephants concealed between thin, spindly trees and light-slotted leaves. Also here are over 60 tigers – though you'd be incredibly lucky to see one. Overall, Mudumalai is Tamil Nadu's top wildlife-spotting place.

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1. Elephant Camp

0.17 MILES

In mornings and evenings you can see the reserve's working elephants being fed at the elephant camp just east of the Mudumalai reception centre, where you…

2. Bandipur National Park

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This park covers 880 sq km and was once the Mysore maharajas’ private wildlife reserve. It's noted for herds of gaurs (Indian bison), chitals (spotted…

3. St Stephen’s Church

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Perched above Ooty's centre, immaculate pale-yellow St Stephen’s, built in 1829, is the Nilgiris' oldest church. It has lovely stained glass, huge wooden…

4. Botanical Gardens

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Established in 1848, these pretty 22-hectare gardens are a living gallery of the Nilgiris' natural flora. Keep an eye out for a typical Toda mund (village…

5. Nilgiri Library

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This quaint little haven in a crumbling, earthy-red 1867 building houses more than 30,000 books, including rare titles on the Nilgiris and hill tribes,…

6. St Thomas' Church

14.46 MILES

Set between trees at the eastern end of Ooty Lake, simple St Thomas' dates back to 1870.

7. Rose Garden

14.77 MILES

With terraced lawns and over 20,000 rose bushes of more than 2000 varieties – best between May and July – the Rose Garden is a sweet place for a stroll,…

8. Tribal Research Centre Museum

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If you're interested in the Nilgiris' tribal communities you'll love this slightly scruffy, erratically open museum, with its fascinating exhibits on…