Tamil Nadu

The shoreline around Kumari Amman Temple has a couple of bathing ghats where some worshippers immerse themselves.

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1. Kumari Amman Temple

0.04 MILES

The legends say the kanya (virgin) goddess Kumari, a manifestation of the Great Goddess Devi, single-handedly conquered demons and secured freedom for the…

2. Gandhi Memorial

0.12 MILES

Poignantly placed at the end of the nation that Gandhi fathered, this cream-coloured memorial takes the form of an Orissan (Odishan) temple. The central…

3. Ghat

0.13 MILES

Before visiting the Kumari Amman Temple, some worshippers immerse themselves in the bathing ghats that surround it.

5. Kamaraj Memorial

0.17 MILES

This memorial near the shoreline commemorates K Kamaraj, the 'Gandhi of the South’. One of the most powerful and respected politicians of post…

6. Thiruvalluvar Statue

0.22 MILES

Looking like an Indian Colossus of Rhodes, the towering statue on the smaller island next to the Vivekananda Memorial is of the ancient Tamil poet…

7. Vivekananda Memorial

0.27 MILES

Four hundred metres offshore is the rock where famous Hindu apostle Swami Vivekananda meditated from 25 to 27 December 1892, and decided to take his moral…