Jakhu Hanuman Statue

Hindu Temple in Shimla

A 108ft (33m) vermillion-pink statue of monkey-god Hanuman pokes his head above the treetops on Shimla’s highest hilltop. Appropriately, hundreds of rhesus macaques loiter around here hoping for gifts of prasad (temple-blessed food offerings) from visitors. They have a habit of snatching loose objects such as hats, phones and even spectacles, so bring a stick to discourage them, or rent one (₹10). Access is by cable car or a steep but worthwhile 1.5km hike from beside Christ Church (allow around 40 minutes up, much more if you're unfit).

Inside the associated, outwardly forgettable Jakhu temple is a small shrine surrounded by funky relief murals of Hanuman performing feats from the Ramayana.