Shimla Heritage Museum


This small, one-room gallery displays enlargements of a few historic photos of old Shimla, with cursory explanations, but you can see it all in five minutes.

It's within the very faded former United Services Club building (1862), where some 1947 committee sessions convened as part of the efforts to delineate the Indo-Pakistan border. Despite claimed opening times, the gallery is often closed.

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Nearby Shimla attractions

1. Christ Church

0.29 MILES

This 1840s square-towered church would turn few heads in an English market town but in Shimla it's a treasured landmark, prominent at The Ridge's east end.

2. Rothney Castle

0.33 MILES

On the way up to the Jakhu temple, you can peep through the gates to see the glass verandas of this 19th-century mansion that was built for colonial…

3. The Ridge

0.34 MILES

Along the central ridgetop, this broad pedestrian esplanade diverges from The Mall at Scandal Point, guarded by a fancifully hatted policeman. Thronged…

4. Gaiety Theatre

0.37 MILES

Lovingly restored between 2004 and 2009 and hoping for Unesco status, this remarkable 320-seater theatre opened in 1877, originally as part of a bigger…

5. Jakhu Hanuman Statue


A 108ft (33m) vermillion-pink statue of monkey-god Hanuman pokes his head above the treetops on Shimla’s highest hilltop. Appropriately, hundreds of…

6. Town Hall


Shimla's half-timbered old town hall building originally dates from 1908–10, but has been so restored that it looks essentially new.

7. Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara


This major Sikh temple isn't a particular attraction but makes a useful landmark beside busy Cart Rd below the bazaar area.

8. Ripon Hospital


One of Shimla's most atmospheric timber-framed buildings, the green-and-white Ripon Hospital building (1885) has a couple of exterior wooden stair-spirals…