Eastern Rajasthan

Around 55km south from Sariska, beyond the inner park sanctuary and out in open countryside, is this deserted, well-preserved and notoriously haunted city. Founded in 1631 by Madho Singh, it had 10,000 dwellings, but was suddenly and mysteriously deserted about 300 years ago. It's best reached by car (parking ₹50) or taxi but can be reached by a twice-daily bus (₹39) that runs through the sanctuary to nearby Golaka village. Check what time the bus returns, otherwise you risk getting stranded.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Eastern Rajasthan attractions

1. Neelkantheshwar Temple

11.03 MILES

Around 35km from Sariska is an 8th-century temple complex, up a dramatically winding road that allows fantastic views. It sits on a small plateau ringed…

2. Kankwari Fort

16.83 MILES

Deep inside the sanctuary, this imposing small jungle fort, 22km from Sariska, offers amazing views over the plains of the national park, dotted with red…

3. Hanuman Temple

17.72 MILES

This small Hanuman temple, deep in the park, has a recumbent idol, adapted from a rock, which is painted orange and shaded by silver parasols. People give…

4. Chand Baori

20.18 MILES

Chand Baori is one of Rajasthan's most spectacular baori (step-wells). It is believed to have been built by King Chand, a local Rajput ruler, in the 10th…

5. Sariska Tiger Reserve & National Park

20.8 MILES

The Sariska Tiger Reserve and National Park covers 866 sq km (including a core area of 498 sq km). Private car access, as opposed to the gypsy and canter…

6. Panna Meena Baori

28.28 MILES

A pretty baori (step-well) with geometrical designs and sharp shadows that has been restored. Pity about the putrid water.

7. Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing

28.29 MILES

This interesting museum in a restored haveli (traditional, ornately decorated residence) documents the art of hand-block printing, from old traditions to…

8. Amber Fort

28.35 MILES

This magnificent fort comprises an extensive palace complex, built from pale yellow and pink sandstone, and white marble, and is divided into four main…