Nakki Lake

Mt Abu

Scenic Nakki Lake, the town’s focus, is one of Mt Abu’s biggest attractions. It’s so named because, according to legend, it was scooped out by a god using his nakh (nails). Some Hindus thus consider it a holy lake. It’s a pleasant 45-minute stroll around the perimeter – the lake is surrounded by hills, parks and strange rock formations. The best known, Toad Rock, looks like a toad about to hop into the lake.

The 14th-century Raghunath Temple stands near the lake’s southern shore. Boating here is popular.

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Nearby Mt Abu attractions

1. Toad Rock


This natural rock formation is said to look like a toad sitting by the lake, about to hop in.

2. Universal Peace Hall


Free tours are available at the Universal Peace Hall, including an introduction to the philosophy of the Brahma Kumaris.

3. Raghunath Temple

0.21 MILES

The 14th-century Raghunath Temple stands near Nakki Lake’s southern shore.

6. Government Museum

0.39 MILES

The highlight of this small, seldom-visited museum is the sculpture gallery, with works from the ancient town of Chandravati, 7km from Mt Abu, dating from…

7. Mt Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

0.45 MILES

This 289-sq-km sanctuary covers much of the mountain plateau and surrounds the town of Mt Abu. It is home to leopards, deer, foxes and bears. Contact Mt…

8. St Saviour’s Church

0.54 MILES

Northeast of the market area, this British-era church (c 1834) is passed on the way to the Delwara temples.