Guru Shikhar

Mt Abu

At the northeast end of the Mt Abu plateau, 17km by the winding road from the town, rises 1722m-high Guru Shikhar, Rajasthan’s highest point. A road goes almost all the way to the summit and the Atri Rishi Temple, complete with a priest and distant, though often hazy, views. A popular spot, it’s a highlight of the RSRTC tour; if you decide to go it alone, a 4WD from Mt Abu will cost ₹800 return.

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Nearby Mt Abu attractions

1. Achaleshwar Mahandeva

2.52 MILES

This fascinating, atmospheric Shiva temple, 8km northeast of Mt Abu in Achalgarh (off the road to Guru Shikhar), boasts a number of diverting features,…

2. Delwara Temples

4.72 MILES

These remarkable Jain temples are Mt Abu’s most remarkable attraction and feature some of India’s finest temple decoration. They predate the town of Mt…

3. Adhar Devi Temple

5.44 MILES

In the hills just north of town, about 1.5km from Nakki Lake, 360 steps lead up to this 15th-century temple dedicated to Durga and located in a natural…

5. St Saviour’s Church

5.98 MILES

Northeast of the market area, this British-era church (c 1834) is passed on the way to the Delwara temples.

6. Government Museum

6.06 MILES

The highlight of this small, seldom-visited museum is the sculpture gallery, with works from the ancient town of Chandravati, 7km from Mt Abu, dating from…

7. Universal Peace Hall

6.08 MILES

Free tours are available at the Universal Peace Hall, including an introduction to the philosophy of the Brahma Kumaris.