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The fort of Jaisalmer is a breathtaking sight: a massive sandcastle rising from the sandy plains like a mirage from a bygone era. No place better evokes exotic camel-train trade routes and desert mystery. Ninety-nine bastions encircle the fort’s still-inhabited twisting lanes. Inside are shops swaddled in bright embroideries, a royal palace and numerous businesses looking for your tourist rupee. Despite the... Read More

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$57 Day Trips & Excursions

Private Half-Day Tour of Golden Monuments in Jaisalmer

Once you are picked up from your centrally located hotel in Jaisalmer, you can start strolling around the beautiful city. Widely-known as the Golden city of India, Jaisalmer was founded by Raja Rawal Jaisal, a Bhatti Rajput emperor, in approximately 1156. You will begin at the Jaisalmer fort, exploring through the grandeur of this ancient city, learning the legends at the palace museum and understanding the dynasties that helped to built the monument.Explore the group of seven Jain temples located inside the Fort premises, dedicated to various Jain Tirthankars (hermits) and learn about the significance of each temple from your local guide. The walls of the temples are intricately carved in famous Dilwara style, prominent in the 12th century.Proceed to visit the palace museum, preserving the Rajasthani culture and presenting a rare glimpse of royalty. Walk past the bustling streets of the fort, still inhabited by more than 3000 locals. Walk to the neighbouring bazaars of Jaisalmer for a chilled glass of Lassi, a local delicacy and appreciate the glory of Golden city. Walk past the 300 year old Salim Singh Haveli, famed for its beautifully arched roof in the shape of a peacock.Walk ahead to the Patwon-ki-Haveli, one of Jaisalmer’s most prominent attractions, amazingly constructed with mirror work on the walls and ceilings and traditional paintings. Stroll around the area and head back to your hotel. En-route enjoy a quick stop at Tazia Tower, an alluring five-storied building, now converted into a museum storing antics from the golden era. Afterwards you will be dropped-off at your accommodation.

$38 Private & Custom Tours

Private Jaisalmer Day Tour

Following a hotel pick-up from your Jaisalmer City area hotel at 9am, your first stop will be Gadsisar Sagar Lake, an artificial waterbody built by Raja Rawal Jaisal, the first ruler of Jaisalmer. In the later years Maharaja Garisisar Singh rebuilt and revamped the lake.Also explore Jaisalmer Fort. Jaisalmer Fort locally known as Sonar Quila is one of the largest forts in the world located in Jaisalmer city in Rajasthan, India.The fort is standing proudly in the middle of the unending golden sands of that Desert; Jaisalmer fort is one of the most prominent tourist attractions of Jaisalmer.Next, head to the Jain temples. Situated in Jaisalmer Fort, the Jain temples are a must visit. You will find these temples to be very old and high, with great archeological value attached to them. You can find animal & human figures, carved in famous Dilwara style.After lunch at local restaurant (on own), continue to Nathmal Ji Ki Haveli, the previous residence of the Prime Minister of Jaisalmer, Diwan Mohata Nathmal. The most interesting fact about it is that all its artifacts are done by a jeweler and not a stone carver.Later you will visit Patwaon-Ki-Haveli. Patwon Ki Haveli stands among the most beautiful architectural marvels in the city of Jaisalmer. The haveli consists of a complex of five different havelis and is also known as ‘mansion of brocade merchants’, for the fact that the haveli was built by a wealthy jewellery and brocade merchant.After enjoying the amazing Salim Singh-ki Haveli, you'll arrive back at approximately 5pm to your hotel in Jaisalmer where the tour will end.

$40 Day Trips & Excursions

Small-Group Tour: Golden Palaces and Bustling Bazaars in Bikaner

At 9:00AM get together at Gallops Restaurant, opposite Junagarh Fort in Bikaner, where you will meet your local guide and leave for an exceptional day around Bikaner. This beautiful desert city of Rajasthan houses some of India’s finest forts and havelis and is visited by travelers from across the globe. In the company of your guide, head to the stunning Junagarh Fort, known to the world for its exquisite architecture and style. The fort was built in 15th century and houses some of Rajasthan’s most beautiful palaces, such as Anup Mahal, Sujan Mahal, Gaj Mandir Mahal, Badal Mahal and Karan Mahal. Learn more about Daulat Pol, a distinctive gate conserving the hand prints of Rajput women who practiced Sati for the honor of their husbands killed in the war. Ask your guide about the ancient rituals and Rajput heritage. From here board a Tuk Tuk and proceed to visit the Jain Bhandasar Temple. Dedicated to Sumatinath, the fifth Jain Tirthankar, the temple is built of red sandstone and white marble imported from Jaisalmer city. Understand the significance of Jain temples and how rich merchants of Bikaner followed the religion with utmost faith and dedication. Proceed to the Lakshminath Temple, constructed during the reign of Rao Lunkaran, housing the statues of God Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. Listen as your guide explains how the marvelous temple has received unwavering devotion of countless people through the last four and half centuries. Head to the bustling streets of Bikaner and stroll through its rich bazaars and take in the vibrant Rajput culture. Walk past the majestic red sandstone havelis and explore the royal legend of Bikaner. See the intricately carved Jharokhas on the outside and golden paintings and artifacts on the inside of the Havelis of Bikaner telling a royal tale of their own. Visit the Rampuria Haveli, amongst Bikaner’s most famed monuments, that has been converted into a heritage hotel. Have traditional Rajasthani lunch here and a wonderful day comes to a happy end. Tour will be concluded at Rampuria haveli in Bikaner.

$29 Outdoor Activities

Full-Day Small-Group Camel Safari In Jaisalmer

Be picked up in mid-afternoon from your hotel in Jaisalmer, the airport, railway station or the bus station and proceed to the Sam Sand Dunes located 45km from the city. Then head out for the camel safari in Thar Desert. The major attraction for tourists visiting Sam is the native experience of the camel safari, one of the most spectacular and unique ways to experience Rajasthan. Camels are the ships of the deserts, and will guide you through the vibrant desert. You will spend approximately 1-2 hours in the Thar Desert and then enjoy the mesmerizing sunset as well as a Marwari-style dinner, served at a local's house, including millet chapati, Ker Sangri, mix vegetable, yogurt curry. After your tour, you will be returned to Jaisalmer.

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India on a Shoestring

From the monuments of Delhi to the colourful cities of Rajasthan, experience three weeks of northern India's best. Marvel at Jaisalmer's mud fortress and Bikaner's unique temple before journeying into the desert for an overnight camel safari. Follow in the footsteps of pilgrims and make your way to the Ganges River at Varanasi. Your expert CEO will take care of the hassles so you're free to see the sights or just soak up the vibe – India is home to great food, fascinating culture, alluring sights, and friendly and inviting people. Discover the charms and mystery that make up this incredible country.