Eklingji Temple Complex

According to legend, the main building in this grand complex of 108 temples was originally built in the 8th century by the early Mewar king Bappa Rawal, although the temple’s present form dates from the 15th-century rule of Maharana Raimal. Constructed from sandstone and marble, it has an elaborately pillared hall under a large pyramidal roof and features a towering four-faced, black-marble image of Eklingji, an incarnation of Shiva and the family deity of the Mewar royal family.

Opening hours for the temple change quite regularly, so you might have to wait an hour or two if you arrive at the wrong time. Note that the temple can get very crowded on Monday, an auspicious day for devotees. Guides are available at the temple; bank on paying around ₹100 to engage their services. Photography is not permitted.