City Palace

Eastern Rajasthan

Under the gaze of Bala Quila fort sprawls the colourful and convoluted City Palace complex, with massive gates and a tank reflecting a symmetrical series of ghats and pavilions. Today most of the complex is occupied by government offices, overflowing with piles of dusty papers and soiled by pigeons and splatters of paan (a mixture of betel nut and leaves for chewing).

Hidden within the City Palace is the excellent Alwar Museum.

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1. Alwar Museum

Hidden within the City Palace is the excellent Alwar Museum. Its eclectic exhibits evoke the extravagance of the lifestyle of the maharajas: stunning…

2. Cenotaph of Maharaja Bakhtawar Singh

0.08 MILES

This double-storey edifice, resting on a platform of sandstone, was built in 1815 by Maharaja Vinay Singh, in memory of his father. To gain access to the…

3. Bala Quila

0.71 MILES

This imposing fort stands 300m above Alwar, its fortifications hugging the steep hills that line the eastern edge of the city. Predating the time of…

4. Sariska Tiger Reserve & National Park

18.3 MILES

The Sariska Tiger Reserve and National Park covers 866 sq km (including a core area of 498 sq km). Private car access, as opposed to the gypsy and canter…

5. Hanuman Temple

19.72 MILES

This small Hanuman temple, deep in the park, has a recumbent idol, adapted from a rock, which is painted orange and shaded by silver parasols. People give…

6. Kankwari Fort

21.56 MILES

Deep inside the sanctuary, this imposing small jungle fort, 22km from Sariska, offers amazing views over the plains of the national park, dotted with red…

7. Neelkantheshwar Temple

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Around 35km from Sariska is an 8th-century temple complex, up a dramatically winding road that allows fantastic views. It sits on a small plateau ringed…