Brahmeswar Shiva Mandir


Standing in well-kept gardens and flanked on its plinth by four smaller structures, this 9th-century temple is a smaller version of Lingaraj Mandir. It’s notable for its finely detailed sculptures with erotic elements.

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1. Bhaskareswara Mandir

0.29 MILES

This 13th-century Hindu temple is dedicated to Shiva. Its central spire (deul) is architecturally distinct and the manicured lawns outside are quite…

2. Rajarani Mandir

0.41 MILES

Built around AD 1100, this temple surrounded by manicured gardens is famous for its ornate deul (temple spire). Around the compass points are pairs of…

3. Kedargauri Mandir

0.51 MILES

Over the pathway from Mukteswar Mandir is the whitewashed Kedargauri Mandir, one of the oldest temples in Bhubaneswar (although it has been substantially…

4. Mukteswar Mandir

0.54 MILES

This small but beautiful 10th-century structure is one of the most ornate temples in Bhubaneswar; you'll see reproductions of it on posters across Odisha…

5. Siddheswara Mandir

0.59 MILES

Located in the same compound as Mukteswar Mandir, Siddheswara Mandir is a later, more austere temple with a red Ganesha adorning the facade.

6. Parsurameswar Mandir

0.66 MILES

This is an ornate Shiva temple built around AD 650. It has lively bas-reliefs of elephant and horse processions, panels of musicians and dancers, and…

7. Lingaraj Mandir

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The 54m-high Lingaraj Mandir dedicated to Shiva dates from 1090 to 1104 – though some parts are more than 1400 years old – and is surrounded by several…

8. Vaital Mandir

1.05 MILES

This 8th-century temple, with a double-storey ‘wagon roof’ influenced by Buddhist cave architecture, was a centre of tantric worship, eroticism and bloody…