Hemis National Park


Hemis National Park covers the roadless villages of Rumbak and Yurutse, the whole Markha Valley, and the passes and access trails to Stok trekking point and to Shang Sumdo, where very modest park fees are collected. In winter, wildlife-watchers are expected to pay a ₹1500 one-off fee when looking for snow leopards.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Ladakh attractions

1. Stok Gompa

11.82 MILES

Around 2km south of the palace, Stok's small monastery has some crumbling old stupas, but the dominant feature, 200m above, is its huge 21m-tall gilded…

2. Gyab-Thago Heritage House

11.9 MILES

Over 200 years old, this beautifully preserved traditional house has been in the same family for six generations. Used until 2001, it remains almost fully…

3. Stok Abagon

12.4 MILES

Across from Stok Palace, a short alley leads to the 350-year-old Stok Abagon, the decrepit former home of the royal physician, with a few dusty displays…

4. Stok Palace

12.45 MILES

This stately three-storey edifice was built in 1820 by King Tsepal Namgyal – a good investment, it turned out, since 14 years later his larger main palace…

5. Matho Gompa

13.5 MILES

Perched on a impressive ridge above the village, this little-visited gompa commands stupendous valley views. Ladakh's only major Sakya Buddhist monastery,…

6. Spituk Gompa

14.76 MILES

Founded in the late 14th century as See-Thub (Exemplary) Monastery, impressive Spituk Gompa surveys the Sengye Tsangpo (Indus) Valley, with surreal views…

7. Buddha Carvings

15.88 MILES

Just by the roadside, as you round a sharp corner, a group of five ancient carved Dhyani Buddhas stand carved into the rock, 200m before the palace…

8. Royal Palace Temple

15.96 MILES

The greatest attraction in Shey's palace complex is the royal temple, with its splendid 17th-century Buddha statue. The highly revered 7.5m-tall gilded…