Stupa 2

Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh

Stupa 2 is halfway down the hill to the west (turn right at Stupa 1). Instead of gateways, ‘medallions’ of flowers, plants, real and fanciful animals, people and demigods decorate the surrounding wall – naive in design, but full of energy and imagination.

If you come up from the village by the main route you can walk back down via Stupa 2, although you should be prepared for some fence-hopping at the bottom.

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Behind Monastery 51, partway down the hill towards Stupa 2, is the Great Bowl, carved from a huge boulder, into which food and offerings were placed for…

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Monastery 51 sits a short way downhill west of the Great Stupa, beside a tank. Outside its west gate is the Great Bowl, carved from a boulder, into which…

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