Famous indian landmark - Gwalior fort in daytime. Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India

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Gwalior Fort

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Stretched majestically along the top of a 3km-long plateau overlooking Gwalior, the fort is a dominant, unmissable sight, full of fascinating palaces, temples, museums and other buildings. Much of the fort is now occupied by the prestigious private Scindia School, established by Maharaja Madho Rao Scindia in 1897 for the education of Indian nobility.

There are two approaches to the fort, both uphill treks. Vehicles can drive up the west side through the Urvai Gate, but this approach is an anticlimax compared with the formidable view of the fort from the eastern approach, which is well worth the walk. Don’t, however, miss the rock sculptures part way down the western side.

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2. Hathi Gate


The fifth and final gate on the eastern path up to Gwalior Fort is the Hathi Gate, built in 1516, with its two tall towers. Through here you enter the…

3. Man Singh Palace

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4. State Protected Monuments

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Just north of the Man Singh Palace is the entrance to the ruins of the Vikram Mahal, Karan Mahal and other dilapidated palaces in the north of the fort…

5. Chaturbhuj Mandir

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You’ll pass a 9th-century Vishnu shrine known as the Chaturbhuj Mandir before reaching the fourth gate on the eastern approach to Gwalior Fort.

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Probably dating from the 14th century, this is the fourth gate you pass through on the way up to Gwalior Fort from the east side.