Mubarak Mandi

Kashmir & Ladakh

Started in 1710 and vastly expanded after 1824 under the Dogras, this extensive complex of palace buildings is fascinating for both its scale and its startling state of semicollapse. The only part that's accessible is the former durbar hall containing the Dogra Art Gallery.

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1. Dogra Art Gallery

0.04 MILES

Highlights at this interesting local museum include Pahari-style miniature paintings from Basholi, murals from Reasi Fort, and 5th-century terracotta…

2. Amar Mahal

0.66 MILES

In the 1890s the Dogra maharajas moved from the Mubarak Mandi to this European-style brick mansion in the north of town, with castle-style miniturrets and…

3. Bahu Fort

0.91 MILES

On a modest hilltop across the River Tawi from the main city, Bahu Fort's sturdy walls were reinforced in the early 19th century. Today they enclose a…

4. Raghunath Mandir

0.92 MILES

The large, 19th-century Raghunath Mandir marks the heart of older Jammu and features several pavilions containing thousands of what look like grey pebbles…

5. Ambaran Archaeological Site

13.1 MILES

The remarkable 5th-century terracotta heads that you might have seen in Jammu's Dogra Art Gallery, were originally found at this important if visually…

6. Akhnoor Fort

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Rising on a cliff almost directly above the Chenab River is the powerful red-brick ruin of one of the Dogras' most important 19th-century fortresses…

7. Vaishno Devi Shrine

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In a cave within a forested mountain rising steeply above Katra, the Vaishno Devi Shrine was popularised in the 1990s songs of Gulshan Kumar, and has…