Dhainkund Viewpoint

Viewpoint in Dalhousie

The upland area of Dhainkund (2745m) is the most uplifting of many beauty spots around Dalhousie, with a 360-degree panorama encompassing the Pir Pinjal range and a large distant reservoir.

Access to the site starts by driving to the tiny, impoverished junction settlement of Lakkar Mandi, 12km east of Dalhousie. Then a series of hairpins climb 4km (some shot cuts for pedestrians) to a military barrier, beyond which vehicles may not proceed. To reach the viewpoint from there is around 700m up a stairway-path culminating by climbing a rocky area (nothing taxing). Note that the best viewpoint is around 150m further than the octagonal pavilion at which some disappointed visitors mistakenly give up.