Dhainkund Viewpoint


The upland area of Dhainkund (2745m) is the most uplifting of many beauty spots around Dalhousie, with a 360-degree panorama encompassing the Pir Pinjal range and a large distant reservoir.

Access to the site starts by driving to the tiny, impoverished junction settlement of Lakkar Mandi, 12km east of Dalhousie. Then a series of hairpins climb 4km (some shot cuts for pedestrians) to a military barrier, beyond which vehicles may not proceed. To reach the viewpoint from there is around 700m up a stairway-path culminating by climbing a rocky area (nothing taxing). Note that the best viewpoint is around 150m further than the octagonal pavilion at which some disappointed visitors mistakenly give up.

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Nearby Dalhousie attractions

1. Jai Pohlani Mata Temple

0.54 MILES

From the main viewpoint at Dhainkund, a beautiful ridgeline walk leads to the Jai Pohlani Mata Temple in around 1km, where there's a teahouse and great…

2. Kalatop

1.12 MILES

Accessed, like Dhainkund, from Lakkar Mandi, this sanctuary covers 31 sq km of forested hills east of Dalhousie, where you might spot langurs and musk…

3. Khajjiar

2.39 MILES

The bowl-shaped, pine-ringed meadow at Khajjiar is a major tourist draw, 22km down the Chamba road from Dalhousie. It's touted as a 'mini-Switzerland' and…

4. Khajjinag Temple

2.44 MILES

Hidden among the restaurants at Khajjiar is the Khajjinag Temple, with its crude effigies of the five Pandavas installed in the 16th century.

5. Jagdamba Mata Shiva Statue


Half a kilometre southeast of Khajjiar meadow towards Chamba, a 25m-high statue of Shiva makes a photogenic landmark near the roadside.

7. Tibetan Rock Paintings

3.46 MILES

A number of Tibetan refugees have made their homes in Dalhousie and have adorned Garam Sarak with several painted rock carvings of Buddhist deities.

8. St Francis Church

3.66 MILES

Stations of the cross lead up from Subhash Chowk to this 1894 Catholic church.