Bishweshwar Mahadev Temple

Himachal Pradesh

Sitting amid young orchards beside a holy peepul tree, this 9th-century stone sikhara is a small but ornately carved national monument. Niches on the outside contain superb relief carvings of Vishnu (west side), Ganesh (south) and a partly defaced, spindly Durga (north). The site is in Bajaura, 5km south of Bhuntar.

At the time of research it was a five-minute walk east of the NH3: leave the thundering main road at the bend, 200m southeast of central Bajaura, then take the tiny lane between the secondary school and the Priya Tea Stall. Note that once double-laning is complete (expected in 2020), the NH3 will bypass Bajaura altogether.

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