'Parliament' Square

Parvati Valley

The village's central open space is somewhat scrappy but its northern corner retains an age-blackened wooden pavilion with delicately carved columns plus a newly rebuilt wooden temple inlayed with metallic details including a sun disk and pair of horses optimistically attempting to mate. A stone platform and stepped space provides seating for village assemblies, Malana's 'parliament'.

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Nearby Parvati Valley attractions

1. Jamadaghni Rishi Temple

0.08 MILES

In the heart of the village this double-barrelled temple is most intriguing for the hunting trophies and long loops of bangles that decorate its southern…

2. Chojh Bridge

5.08 MILES

Pine-framed vistas up the racing Parvati River towards razor-sharp, snow-speckled peaks are at their light-suffused best around two hours before sunset…

3. Sri Guru Nanak Ji Gurdwara

5.56 MILES

The 1940 Sri Guru Nanak Ji Gurdwara looms over the north bank of the Parvati River. It's entered either by a dark, semi-underground passage from the…

4. Shiva Temple

5.57 MILES

Next door to the large gurdwara is a Shiva temple where devotees whisper prayers into the ears of an elegant Nandi bull (Shiva's vehicle).

5. Raghunath Mandir

5.64 MILES

Recently restored in concrete but with a wooden porch, this sikhara-type temple stands on the esplanade east of the gurdwara.

6. Naina Bhagwati Temple

5.65 MILES

This ornate if relatively new wood-and-stone temple is dedicated to one of the main characters in the Manikaran legend.

7. Murlidhar Krishna Temple

6.34 MILES

Naggar's most magical temple sits on a hilltop terrace with lovely views. This was the site of the ancient town of Thawa, which pre-dated Naggar by around…

8. Tripura Sundari Temple

6.46 MILES

At the streamside on the lower concrete road around 400m east of the castle, the Tripura Sundari wooden temple consists of a pagoda-style sanctum with…