Ranmal Lake

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Every evening it seems as though half the city has descended onto the well-kept, tree-lined promenades running around Ranmal Lake. There's a bona fide astroturf running track and the diminutive mid-19th-century Lakhota Palace, an island fort in the middle of the lake, housing a museum. However, most people skip the culture and just eat ice cream while strolling around chatting with friends.

Access is via one of the entrance gates.

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1. Lakhota Palace

0.14 MILES

The diminutive and very much restored mid-19th-century Lakhota Palace, a fort on an island in Ranmal Lake, houses a semi-open-air museum featuring well…

4. Bala Hanuman Temple

0.29 MILES

This temple on the southeastern side of Ranmal Lake has been the scene of continuous chanting of the prayer Shri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram since 31 July…

5. Bhujiyo Kotho

0.33 MILES

Crumbling arsenal tower that overlooks the south side of Ranmal Lake.

6. Khambhaliya Gate


Built in the 17th century by Wazir Meraman Khawa, and one of two remaining city gates from that period, this elegantly decaying landmark has been restored…

7. Shantinath Mandir

0.51 MILES

One of the largest Jain temples in the old town, Shantinath Mandir dates to the mid-17th century. Although the outside is classic white, the interior is a…

8. Adinath Mandir

0.55 MILES

Adinath Mandir, one of the two largest and most elaborate Jain temples in the old town, is dedicated to the 16th and first tirthankars (great Jain…