Narara Marine National Park

National Park

in Around Jamnagar

Consisting of three parts, this national park and the adjoining marine sanctuary encompass the intertidal zone and 42 small islands along some 120km of coast east and west of Jamnagar – an area rich in wildlife that faces growing challenges from industrialisation. Coral, octopus, anemones, pufferfish, sea horses, lobsters and crabs are among the marine life you may see in shallow water at low tide. Mustak Mepani at Jamnagar's Hotel President arranges tours, cars, drivers and permits.

There are three sections of the park: Narada, Poshitra and Pirotan Island. Narada is more interesting – from the entry gate, you park and hike 2.3km over rock and reef to the Gulf of Kachchh, where you can spot a variety of sea life. (You’ll want to wear footwear with decent soles, as the terrain is sharp.) Narada is best reached from Jamnagar, which is 65km away; hiring a car to get you there and back costs ₹2200 to ₹2500.

Poshitra’s main draw would be the coral, but for its own protection the area is closed to casual visitors. Pirotan Island is 7 nautical miles from Rozi dock but is also closed to the public.

The best time to visit is December to March, when wintering birds are plentiful.

Narada is only open during low tide, so the entry schedule shifts daily. Before you enter, you’ll have to show your passport and fill out some paperwork.