Nagoa Beach


Nagoa Beach, on the south coast of the island 7km west of Diu town, is long, palm fringed and safe for swimming. It's reasonably clean but often very busy with splashing locals, including drunk men: foreign women receive a lot of unwanted attention.

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Nearby Diu attractions

1. Sea Shell Museum

0.87 MILES

This eccentric little museum, 6km from town on the Nagoa road, is a labour of love. Captain Devjibhai Vira Fulbaria of the merchant navy collected…

2. Gomptimata Beach

2.53 MILES

On the south coast 9km west of Diu town begins the sandy 2.5km sweep of Gomptimata Beach. It's often empty, except at busy weekends, but it gets big waves…

3. Vanakbara

2.74 MILES

At the extreme west of the island, Vanakbara is a fascinating little fishing village and one of the highlights of Diu. It’s great to wander around the…

4. Church of Our Lady of Remedes

2.85 MILES

If it's not locked up, you'll find a large wood-panelled altar (and years of dust covering the pews) inside this white, mildewed Portuguese-era church.

5. Gangeswar Temple

2.99 MILES

Gangeswar Temple, on the south coast 3km west of town, just past Fudam village, is a small coastal cave where five Shiva linga (phallic symbols) are…

6. Fudam Bird Sanctuary

3.04 MILES

Opposite the turn-off for Fudam is a horizon-scratching expanse of estuarine swamp, part of which is protected as the Fudam Bird Sanctuary. There's a…

7. Sunset Point Beach

3.69 MILES

Pretty Sunset Point Beach, a small, gentle curve, is relatively hassle free and has a natural reef-made pool that makes it popular for swimming. However,…

8. Sunset Point

3.83 MILES

Sunset Point is a small, scenic headland at the southern end of the namesake beach, topped by the INS Khukhri Memorial – a model of the Indian Navy…