Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary


About 9km southeast of Palolem, and a good day trip, is the beautiful, remote-feeling Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa’s second-largest sanctuary and easily its most accessible if you have your own transport. Don’t expect to bump into its more exotic residents (including gaurs, sambars, leopards and spotted deer), but frogs, snakes, monkeys, insects and blazingly plumed birds are in no short supply.

Trails are hikable; set off early morning for the best sighting prospects from one of the two forest watchtowers, 7km and 12km from the park entrance. If you’re serious about spotting wildlife, it might be worth staying a night in one of the forest department cottages, right behind the reception at the park entrance. They’re no frills but clean, and meals can be arranged. From here you can make a start before the park even opens.

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