Deden Tsuglakhang temple


The focal point of the institute is this very colourful temple containing a giant thanka and a 4m-high gilded statue of the historical Buddha, Sakyamuni (the name refers to the Buddha's birthplace, Sakya).

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Nearby Dharamsala attractions

1. Norbulingka Institute

0.09 MILES

Soothingly set amid bamboo, trees and flowing water, the delightful Norbulingka Institute, 6km southeast of Dharamsala, was established in 1988 to teach…

2. Gyuto Tantric Gompa

0.98 MILES

Standing in for the 1474 Tibet original, this large monastic complex forms an attractive scene backed by mountainscape at Sidhbari village (7km from…

3. Museum of Kangra Art

2.71 MILES

The Museum of Kangra Art displays some fine miniature paintings from the Kangra school, along with traditional costumes and photos from the devastating…

4. Nechung Gompa

2.73 MILES

Downstairs behind the government-in-exile building, the colourful Nechung Gompa is seat of the Tibetan state oracle, a monk named Thupten Ngodup.

5. Cultural Museum

2.75 MILES

Upstairs in the Library of Tibetan Works & Archives is a small but interesting cultural museum with statues, old Tibetan artefacts and books, and a couple…

6. Library of Tibetan Works & Archives

2.76 MILES

Inside the government-in-exile compound, nearly 2km downhill from the Tsuglagkhang complex, the Library of Tibetan Works & Archives began life as a…

7. Men-Tsee-Khang Museum

2.83 MILES

Three floors of displays explain the sophisticated sciences of Tibetan astrology and medicine.

8. Men-Tsee-Khang

2.83 MILES

Men-Tsee-Khang is an organisation established to preserve the traditional arts of Tibetan medicine and astrology. The Gangchen Kyishong branch includes a…