Museum on India’s Struggle for Freedom

Old Delhi (Shahjahanabad)

Closed during the Red Fort renovations, this museum is housed in the large British-built barracks inside the battlements. It told the story of the struggle against the British that led to Independence but its future was unknown at the time of research.

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1. Red Fort

0.08 MILES

Founded by Emperor Shah Jahan and surrounded by a magnificent 18m-high wall, this fort took 10 years to construct (1638–48) and is rumoured to have had…

2. Chatta Chowk

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In the Red Fort, this imperial bazaar used to cater to royal women and glitter with silk and jewels for sale. Today's wares are rather more mundane…

3. Indian War Memorial Museum

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Closed for renovations at the time of research, this museum upstairs at Naubat Khana in the Red Fort used to display ferocious-looking and fascinating…

4. Naubat Khana

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The main entrance to the Red Fort is hidden by a defensive bastion built in front by Shah Jahan's son Aurangzeb. During the struggle for independence,…

6. Baoli

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