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Living & Learning Design Centre (LLDC) Crafts Museum

Top choice in Kachchh (Kutch)

Fifteen kilometres east of Bhuj, this superb NGO-run museum is a must for anyone interested in the crafts practised by Kachchh artisans. The well-designed and laid-out galleries showcase the 42 embroidery styles of the Ahir, Maghwal, Rabari and others. There are also exhibitions on block printing, plus a demonstration gallery (weekends only) where you can see the magic that goes into creating some of these pieces. Multimedia features let you learn about individual exhibits in greater depth.

There are plans to eventually document the full range of Kachchh creativity, from metalwork and leatherwork to silverwork and rogan printing.

The gift shop sells embroidered items and books on Kachchh embroidery.

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