Anthropological Museum

Port Blair

Port Blair's engaging anthropology museum provides a thorough and sympathetic portrait of the islands’ indigenous tribal communities. The glass display cases may seem old school, but they don’t feel anywhere near as ancient as the simple geometric patterns etched into a Jarawa chest guard, the skull left in a Sentinelese lean-to, the Andamanese shell waist girdle, or the totemic spirits represented by Nicobarese shamanic sculptures. No photography.

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Nearby Port Blair attractions

1. Gandhi Statue


Like most Indian cities, Port Blair has a memorial statue of Mahatma Gandhi standing in a busy roundabout.

2. Aberdeen Bazaar

0.39 MILES

This is the bustling heart of Port Blair with places to shop, eat and stay, as well as banks, travel agents and other offices.

3. Clock Tower


This pale yellow clock is a central landmark in the heart of Port Blair’s busy Aberdeen Bazaar.

4. WWII Bunker

0.67 MILES

A reminder of Japanese occupation during WWII.

5. Cellular Jail National Memorial

0.79 MILES

A former British prison, the Cellular Jail now serves as a shrine to the political dissidents it once imprisoned. Construction began in 1896 and was…

6. Samudrika Naval Marine Museum

1.06 MILES

Run by the Indian Navy, this diverse museum provides helpful insight into the islands’ ecosystems, tribal communities, flora and fauna (including a small…

7. Corbyn’s Cove

1.54 MILES

No one comes to Port Blair for the beach, but, if you need a break from town, this small curve of silver sand backed by palms sits 6km south of central…