Radhanagar Beach

Top choice in Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep)

One of India’s (and indeed Asia's) most fabulous and famous stretches of sand: a beautiful bleach-blonde curve of powdery sugar fronted by perfectly spiralled aqua waves, all fringed by lush native forest. It’s on the northwest side of the island, 11km southwest of the jetty.

Visit early morning to avoid the heat and crowds; sunsets are, predictably, hugely popular. The further you walk from the main entry and stalls, the more privacy you’ll get. There are just a few exclusive resorts here.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep) attractions

1. Neil's Cove

0.88 MILES

With its gorgeous teal ‘lagoon’, Neil's Cove is a gem of sheltered sand and crystalline water. Swimming is prohibited at dusk and dawn; take heed of any…

2. Elephant Beach


Along the island's northwest coastline, the alabaster sands of Elephant Beach, a popular snorkelling spot, are reached by a 40-minute, 1.8km walk through…

3. Kalapathar

4.41 MILES

Pristine Kalapathar is a salt-white swathe of sand lapped by clear turquoise water. It's a favourite sunrise-gazing spot, and you may have to walk a bit…

4. Beach 5

4.48 MILES

On Havelock's eastern coast, palm-ringed Beach 5 has your classic tropical vibe with cream-coloured sand, cerulean sea, shady patches and few sandflies…

5. Beach 3

4.58 MILES

A slender strip of platinum east-coast beach, dotted with palms and a few fishing boats and overlooked by clumps of natural jungle. Beautiful, though not…

6. Beach 1

10.25 MILES

A long sweep of sandy white coastline and mangroves wrapping around the northwest end of the island, 2km from the jetty, and gazing across to Havelock …

7. Beach 2

11.17 MILES

On the southwest side of the island, signposted from Neil Kendra (1.5km), this rocky cove is famous for its striking Natural Bridge rock formation,…

8. Beach 4

11.63 MILES

Neil Island's best swimming beach, though its proximity to the jetty (just west) is a turn-off, as is the rowdy day-trip scene packed with motorised boats…