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Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep)

With sublime silken-blonde beaches, twinkling teal shallows and some of the best diving in South Asia, thickly forested Havelock (Swaraj) enjoys the well-deserved reputation of being a travellers' paradise. Indeed, for many, Havelock is the Andamans – it's what lures most visitors across the Bay of Bengal, many of them content to stay here for the entirety of their trip.

Havelock has been developing fast in recent years, with a sharp rise in domestic tourism and concrete-clad resorts chasing away many of the original bamboo beach huts. But much of the island's 92 sq km (it's the largest in Ritchie's Archipelago) remains untouched, and the beaches and diving are as bewitching as ever.

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