Indian rupees (₹)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than ₹3000

  • Dorm bed: ₹400–600
  • Double room in a budget hotel: ₹400–1000
  • All-you-can-eat thalis (plate meals): ₹100–300
  • Bus and train tickets: ₹300–500

Midrange: ₹4000–10000

  • Double hotel room: ₹1500–5000
  • Meals in midrange restaurants: ₹600–1500
  • Admission to historic sights and museums: ₹500–1500
  • Local taxis/autorickshaws: ₹500–2000

Top End: More than ₹10000

  • Deluxe hotel room: ₹5000–24,000
  • Meals at superior restaurants: ₹2000–5000
  • First-class train travel: ₹1000–8000
  • Renting a car and driver: ₹2000 and up per day


Bargaining is a way of life in many contexts in India, including at markets and most shops. Keep things in perspective: haggle hard but not without a sense of humour. There are also plenty of more upmarket shops and government emporiums where haggling is inappropriate, as prices are fixed. You'll usually have to agree to a price before hiring a taxi or autorickshaw, or a car and driver for longer trips.


ATMs are everywhere, including one just south of the Hotel Sidhartha in Taj Ganj

SBI Changes cash and travellers cheques and has an ATM.