Hafnarborg Centre of Culture & Fine Art

Greater Reykjavík

A contemporary gallery with bright and modern display spaces and rotating exhibitions of well-chosen art.

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1. Sívertsen Húsið

0.21 MILES

In the 19th-century, merchant Bjarni Sívertsen lived in this beautiful home. He was the most important man in Hafnarfjörður and the house is decked out…

3. Beggubúð

0.24 MILES

Built in 1906, Beggubúð was a household goods shop on the town's main street. It moved to its current site in 2008 and is laid out as it was in the early…

4. Siggubær

0.28 MILES

With its tiny rooms, tin walls and everyday items dotted around (sewing baskets, armchairs), Siggubær provides an insight into life for a fisher's family…

5. Hellisgerði

0.28 MILES

This peaceful park is filled with lava grottoes and is apparently one of the favourite places of the huldufólk (hidden people) – the álfar (elves),…

6. Bookless Bungalow

0.37 MILES

No, not a house without books, but the former home of Harry and Douglas Bookless, Scottish brothers who ran a fisheries operation here in the early 1900s…

7. Museum of Design & Applied Art


All elements of Icelandic design ranging from unique furniture to knitwear, shoes and album art are celebrated at this small museum. There's also a Kraum…

8. Natural History Museum of Kópavogur

3.34 MILES

Iceland’s unique geology and wildlife are showcased here. Highlights include an orca skeleton, a good collection of taxidermied animals and Mývatn lake’s…