Auroras Iceland

East Iceland

Right by the Fosshotel, this exhibition is staged in a restored building from 1882 and displays stunning images of the Northern Lights above Fáskrúðsfjörður, taken by two local photographers.

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1. Frakkar á Íslandsmiðum

0.03 MILES

Accessed through the lobby of Fosshotel Eastfjords, this quality museum (with very pricey admission) paints a detailed portrait of the French connection…

2. Steinasafn Petru

7.48 MILES

The wondrous assemblage at Petra's Stone Collection was a lifelong labour of love for Petra Sveinsdóttir (1922–2012). Inside her house, stones and…

3. Gallerí Snærós

7.69 MILES

Long-established Gallerí Snærós showcases the works of a talented family of local artists who dabble in a variety of media.

4. Creative Centre

7.76 MILES

Going by various names (Fish Factory, Sköpunarmiðstöð, 'In Here'), this once-abandoned fish factory by the harbour is a hive of creativity; it's a…

5. Helgustaðanáma

8.61 MILES

The remains of the world’s largest spar quarry lie east of Eskifjörður. Iceland spar (silfurberg in Icelandic) is a type of calcite crystal that is…

6. Breiðdalssetur

9.48 MILES

Breiðdalssetur is a small local museum and research centre with exhibits on regional geology and history. At the time of research it was only open to…

7. Íslenska Stríðsárasafnið

9.61 MILES

During WWII around 3000 Allied soldiers (10 times the local population) were based in Reyðarfjörður. At the top end of Heiðarvegur you’ll find the…

8. Sjóminjasafn Austurlands

9.96 MILES

Inside the 1816 black timber warehouse ‘Gamlabuð’, the East Iceland Maritime Museum illustrates two centuries of the east coast’s historic herring, shark…