Sjóminjasafn Austurlands

East Iceland

Inside the 1816 black timber warehouse ‘Gamlabuð’, the East Iceland Maritime Museum illustrates two centuries of the east coast’s historic herring, shark and whaling industry. For more salty-dog stories, be sure to check out Randulffs-sjóhús.

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1. Helgustaðanáma

5.44 MILES

The remains of the world’s largest spar quarry lie east of Eskifjörður. Iceland spar (silfurberg in Icelandic) is a type of calcite crystal that is…

2. Íslenska Stríðsárasafnið

6.12 MILES

During WWII around 3000 Allied soldiers (10 times the local population) were based in Reyðarfjörður. At the top end of Heiðarvegur you’ll find the…

3. Frakkar á Íslandsmiðum

9.93 MILES

Accessed through the lobby of Fosshotel Eastfjords, this quality museum (with very pricey admission) paints a detailed portrait of the French connection…

4. Auroras Iceland

9.96 MILES

Right by the Fosshotel, this exhibition is staged in a restored building from 1882 and displays stunning images of the Northern Lights above…

5. Safnahúsið

10.89 MILES

Three collections are clustered together in one bright-red harbour front warehouse, known as ‘Museum House’. Tryggvasafn showcases a collection of…

6. Fólkvangur Neskaupstaðar

11.97 MILES

At the eastern end of town, where the road runs out, is this lovely nature reserve perfect for short strolls. Various paths run over boardwalks and past…

7. Rainbow Street

13.05 MILES

This street is supremely photogenic: a rainbow is painted on the pavement, and the Blue Church serves as a sweet backdrop. It features in many advertising…

8. Bláa Kirkjan

13.1 MILES

The star of many a tourist photo, the Blue Church has a dramatic mountain backdrop to add to its highly photogenic exterior. It's often locked, but opens…