King Matthias Museum (Royal Palace)

Top choice palace in Visegrád

Just inland from the river, the Royal Palace boasted 350 rooms during the 15th-century reign of King Matthias Corvinus to whom the museum it now contains is dedicated. In comparison with its former self the palace is a mere shadow, but extensive reconstruction has continued apace and about 20 rooms are now open to the public. Most are royal suites centred around the Court of Honour and its Hercules Fountain, a replica of the original Renaissance piece.

Moving from room to room, you’ll discover more reconstructions and replicas: a cold and clammy royal bedchamber from the 1400s, a warmer kitchen, beautiful tile stoves, and, in the courtyard to the east, the Lion Fountain in red marble. Also of note is the petite St George’s Chapel (1366), but once again it’s not original. Take a peek at ancient ceramics, weaponry and household items in the multimedia archaeological exhibition and the small lapidarium.