Art Mill

Top choice in Szentendre

This enormous gallery, spread over three floors of an old mill at the northern end of town, exhibits cutting-edge photography, light and sound installations, sculpture, paintings and works in other media by both local and national artists. It really does underscore Szentendre’s renewed commitment to being a centre for serious art.

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1. Ámos-Anna Museum


The excellent Ámos-Anna Museum displays the surrealist and expressionist paintings of husband-and-wife team Margit Anna and Imre Ámos. Imre Ámos' dark…

2. National Wine Museum

0.11 MILES

The National Wine Museum, in the cellar beneath Labirintus restaurant, traces the development of winemaking in Hungary and offers wine tastings of between…

3. Szanto Memorial Home & Synagogue

0.12 MILES

The relics inside Europe's tiniest synagogue are a loving tribute to Szentendre's 250-strong Jewish community, devastated by the Holocaust.

4. Serbian Ecclesiastical Art Collection

0.13 MILES

This is a treasure trove of icons, vestments and other sacred objects in precious metals. A 14th-century glass painting of the crucifixion is the oldest…

5. Belgrade Cathedral

0.13 MILES

Just north of Castle Hill is the red tower of Belgrade Cathedral, completed in 1764 and seat of the Serbian Orthodox bishop in Hungary, when Hungary had a…

6. Church of St John the Baptist

0.17 MILES

This baroque church at Castle Hill is all that's left of the site of a fortress built in the Middle Ages. Note the frescoes painted by members of the…

7. Castle Hill

0.17 MILES

Castle Hill, reached via Váralja lépcső, the narrow steps between Fõ tér 8 and 9, was the site of a fortress in the Middle Ages. From here you get…

8. Czóbel Museum

0.17 MILES

The Czóbel Museum contains the works of the impressionist Béla Czóbel (1883–1976), a friend of Pablo Picasso and student of Henri Matisse.