Stafylos Beach


Just 5km south of Skopelos Town, popular sand-and-pebble Stafylos is bordered by bottle-green pines and dotted with sun loungers and a busy beach bar.

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Nearby Skopelos attractions

1. Velanio Beach

0.21 MILES

From the eastern end of Stafylos Beach, 5km south of Skopelos Town, a path leads over a small headland to quieter silver-sand Velanio, the island’s…

2. Agnontas Beach

2.06 MILES

Pines tumble down to almost kiss the turquoise water at the lovely little southwest-coast fishing port of Agnontas, 4km west of Stafylos, which has a tiny…

3. Moni Metamorfosis Sotiros

2.25 MILES

With its roots in the 16th century, this serene monastery, just under 4km east of Skopelos Town, is the island's oldest, home to a single monk.

4. Cape Amarandos

2.38 MILES

You could easily lose an entire day picnicking and hidden-cove swimming at spectacular Cape Amarandos. It's just south of Agnontas: take the turn 75m east…

5. Moni Evangelistrias

2.53 MILES

Built in 1712 on the site of a Byzantine predecessor, Evangelistrias basks in superb views across the coast, but its main prize is a gilded iconostasis…

6. Moni Varvaras

2.63 MILES

From its majestic hillside perch 6km northeast of Skopelos Town, the fortress-like 17th-century Moni Varvaras gazes out on its neighbour, Prodromou, and…

7. Limnonari Beach

2.74 MILES

Pleasingly sheltered and sandy white Limnonari, 8km southwest of Skopelos Town and 1.5km northwest of Agnontas, is graced by a couple of summer tavernas,…

8. Folklore Museum

2.74 MILES

Occupying a restored 18th-century mansion, this handsome museum features a Skopelean wedding room, complete with traditional costumes and bridal bed, as…