Maritime and Culture Tradition Museum

Skiathos Town

A former school on Bourtzi islet houses a one-room local history museum. Staff point out exhibits, which are signed in Greek and consist mostly of 20th-century paraphernalia relating to shipbuilding and navigation.

The open-air theatre behind the museum is used for summer concerts.

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1. Bourtzi

0.01 MILES

Opposite the old port via a 15m causeway lies the shady and inviting Bourtzi islet, where a fortress stood strong from 1207 AD until the late 17th century…

2. Papadiamantis House Museum

0.14 MILES

Skiathos was the birthplace of famous 19th-century Greek novelist and short-story writer Alexandros Papadiamantis, who is looked on as the father of…

3. Tris Ierarches

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Dating from the mid-19th century, above the old port, Skiathos Town's main, dusty pink church contains the renowned icon of the Virgin of Kounistra, the…

4. Agios Nikolaos

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Signposted just north of Plateia Papadiamanti, this plain 20th-century hilltop church opens up splendid views across Skiathos Town's red rooftops. It's a…

5. Skiathitiko Spiti

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Bursting with generations' worth of Skiathos heirlooms, this handsome, stone-walled traditional early-20th-century home has been lovingly transformed into…

6. Moni Evangelistrias

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Centred on a triple-domed church, this historic 18th-century monastery was a hilltop refuge for freedom fighters during the War of Independence, and the…

7. Tsougria

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Two honey-gold, sunbed-dotted sand beaches bordered by pines adorn this mellow island, reached by taxi boat from Skiathos Town's old port (€5, 15 minutes,…

8. Ligaries Beach

2.89 MILES

Backed by a sea of greenery, this golden-white sand-and-pebble north-coast strand has clear aqua water, a respectable taverna and a smattering of sun…