Historical and Ethnographical Museum


Learn all about the Greek–Turkish population exchange at this excellent museum with an equally excellent and dedicated staff. The exhibits tell the stories of the broader regional culture, and the stories of the displaced communities, especially their pluck and ingenuity in rebuilding their lives anew.

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2. Pythio Castle

9.18 MILES

Set on a tall bluff overlooking the Evros River, two large towers linked by a sturdy wall are the only surviving example of Byzantine defensive…

3. Grand Synagogue of Edirne

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Reopened in 2016 after a 36-year closure and a five-year US$2.5 million restoration project, Edirne's Grand Synagogue is the sole reminder of when a…

4. Kırkpınar Evi

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A dusty shrine to the sport of oil wrestling, the museum in this 19th-century timber house features press clippings, photographs and a few naff mannequins…

5. Kaleiçi

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Roughly translated, kaleiçi means 'inside the castle'. In Edirne it is used to describe the old streets to the south of Talat Paşa Caddesi and west of…

6. Old Mosque

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Though not as prominent on Edirne's skyline as the Selimiye and Üç Şerefeli mosques, the Eski (Old) Mosque is an important landmark in the city and has a…

8. Selimiye Foundation Museum

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This museum is housed in a handsome building in the Selimye Mosque's külliye (mosque complex; in a medrese in the southeastern corner of the courtyard)…