Art of Silk Museum

Top choice in Thrace

Located in Tsiakiri House, a silk producer of 60 years' pedigree, this museum is fascinating and informative. Enthusiastic, multilingual staff take you through the history of Soufli's sericulture industry and the process of silk production, starting with the tiny worms (live, and actually munching on mulberry leaves) that grow to make the soft cocoon made of silk thread. The front has a shop where you can buy silk products.

Displays include hand looms and silk-reeling machines, as well as elaborate traditional costumes. The village of Soufli was once a wealthy cultural centre, fuelled largely by silk production in the 19th century. When the borders shifted in 1923, the vital mulberry orchards that fed the silkworms fell on the Turkish side. Today Soufli has three small silk-weaving units, with only Tsiakiris processing it from start to finish.

Skip over impostor silk 'museums' on Soufli's main street, which are simply shops. Soufli is a 66km drive north of Alexandroupoli or 30km south of Didymotiho.

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