This wide swathe of coarse grey sand is a 30-minute walk north of the harbour. There's a popular beach bar at one end and a tiny church at the other.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Kythnos attractions

1. Martinakia

0.44 MILES

Although you can swim in the centre of town, you're better off walking 10 minutes north to this pretty little cove.

2. Apokrousi Beach

0.92 MILES

Aprokrousi is a wide strip of gravelly brown sand with a couple of tavernas, a popular beach bar and ample parking.

3. Kolona Beach

1.52 MILES

The island's most famous beach is the exquisite double bay of Kolona, a thin shadeless strip of sand anchoring a small headland to the main island. In…

4. Kastro Orias

4.44 MILES

Located on Cape Kefalos, a 90-minute picturesque ramble northwest from Loutra, these beautifully situated ruins are all that remains of a medieval city of…

5. Karthaia

11.71 MILES

From the 8th century BC until the 7th century AD, this remote twin cove was the site of the ancient city of Karthaia, one of Kea's four historic city…

6. Archaeological Museum of Kea

16.95 MILES

The most intriguing artefacts displayed at this well-presented museum were ancient even before Kea's four archaic city-states were formed. The 13…

7. Ancient Lion of Kea

16.96 MILES

The enigmatic 8m-long Kea Lion, chiselled from schist sometime between the 9th and 6th century BC, lies along the ridge beyond the last of Ioulida’s…

8. Archaeological Collection of Serifos

17.76 MILES

This modest museum displays fragments of mainly Hellenic and Roman sculpture excavated from the kastro. Panels in Greek and English retell the legend of…