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The evocative, overgrown and secluded ruins of the ancient port of Ramnous, about 10km northeast of Marathon, stand on a picturesque plateau overlooking the sea. Among the ruins are the remains of the Doric Temple of Nemesis (435 BC). Another section of the site leads 1km down a track to a clifftop with the relatively well-preserved town fortress and the remains of the city, a temple, a gymnasium and a theatre. There is no public transport to the site.

Nemesis was the goddess of divine retribution and mother of Helen of Troy. There are also ruins of a smaller 6th-century temple dedicated to Themis, goddess of justice.

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1. Marathon Battlefield & Tomb

7.34 MILES

This 10m-high tumulus, or burial mound, sits 4km south of the town of Marathon, just east of the Athens–Marathon road. Traditionally in Ancient Greece,…

2. Marathon Archaeological Museum

7.83 MILES

South of Marathon town, this excellent museum displays local discoveries from various periods, including Neolithic pottery from the Cave of Pan and finds…

3. Lake Dhistos

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Around 10km southeast of Lepoura, a turn-off leads to Lake Dhistos, a shallow lakebed favoured by migrating egrets; water levels have been diminished by…

4. Mt Parnitha National Park

15.96 MILES

Mt Parnitha, about 25km north of Athens, comprises a number of smaller peaks, the highest of which is Karavola (1413m), tall enough to get snow in winter…

5. Attica Zoological Park

17.33 MILES

Attica Zoological Park has a collection of big cats, birds, reptiles and other animals, including a monkey forest and 'Cheetahland'. The 19-hectare site…

6. Archaeological Museum of Eretria

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This captivating museum displays the archaeological riches unearthed in Eretria since the 19th century, with information detailed in Greek and French. The…

7. Ancient Eretria

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Ancient Eretria was a major maritime power with an eminent school of philosophy, and was destroyed in 87 BC by the Roman commander Sylla. Its scant but…

8. Athens Olympic Complex

18.13 MILES

For the 2004 Olympics, this park with several stadiums and a pool was revamped by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, who built a signature winglike…