Kos Town

Built on the site of an even older Greek predecessor, this 2nd-century Roman theatre seated around 750 spectators. In summer, performances are sometimes held here.

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2. Xysto

0.08 MILES

This cluster of Doric columns once supported the roof of an open-sided portion of the ancient gymnasium.

3. Western Excavation Site

0.08 MILES

This open archaeological site, south of the centre, holds ancient ruins uncovered by an earthquake in 1933. Its real treasures are the mosaics of the…

4. House of Europa


You can still sense the opulence of this 2nd-century private villa, of which the chief surviving relic is a superb mosaic floor depicting the abduction of…

5. Nymphaeum

0.12 MILES

Despite its misleading name, this columned structure was actually a public toilet.

6. Casa Romana


Reopened to the public in 2015 after years of restoration, Casa Romana is believed to have been constructed during Hellenistic times and remodelled until…

7. Temple of Dionysos

0.29 MILES

The overgrown but evocative remains of this Greek temple, dating from the 2nd century BC, centre on an altar with a frieze depicting Amazon warriors.

8. Archaeological Museum

0.34 MILES

Housed in a superb example of an Italian-era building, located in the central square, the small, but excellent archaeological museum possesses a wealth of…