Christian Basilica

Kos Town

The remains of a 5th century Christian basilica.

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Nearby Kos Town attractions

1. Temple of Hercules

The only surviving parts of this 2nd-century BC temple are the foundations and platform on which the original structure once stood.

3. Ancient Agora

Exposed by a devastating earthquake in 1933, Kos’ ancient centre – an important market, political and social hub – occupies a large area south of the…

4. Mosque of Gazi Hassan Pasha

0.07 MILES

The Gazi Hassan Pasha Mosque, built in 1786 with the support of pasha (admiral) Gazi Hasan Pasa, governor of Kos, boasts one of the most stunning minarets…

5. Plateia Platanou

0.08 MILES

The warm, graceful charm and sedate pace of Kos Town is experienced at its best in this lovely cobblestone square, immediately south of the castle…

6. Hippocrates' Plane Tree

0.09 MILES

North of the Ancient Agora is the lovely cobblestone Plateia Platanou, where you can pay your respects to the Hippocrates' plane tree, under which…

7. Archaeological Museum

0.15 MILES

Housed in a superb example of an Italian-era building, located in the central square, the small, but excellent archaeological museum possesses a wealth of…

8. Castle of the Knights

0.18 MILES

Due to damage caused by an earthquake in 2017, Kos’ magnificent 15th-century castle is currently closed. Nevertheless, given its extraordinary location at…