Archaeological Museum

Hora (Naxos)

This museum in Kastro is housed in the former Jesuit school where novelist Nikos Kazantzakis was briefly a pupil. It contains fascinating finds from the Ionic and Doric eras, plus Mycenaean vases, but the most startling are the splendid Early Cycladic marble figurines.

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1. Tower of Sanoudos

0.02 MILES

These are the remnants of a 13th century castle, the Tower of Sanoudos, which was once surrounded by marble balconies. Around it, within the centre of…

2. Kastro

0.02 MILES

The most alluring part of Hora is the 13th-century residential neighbourhood of Kastro, which Marco Sanudo made the capital of his duchy in 1207. Behind…

3. Petalouda Art Gallery

0.04 MILES

Next to the walkway to the heart of the kastro, this French-run art gallery features up-and-coming young artists, as well as established international…

4. Della Rocca-Barozzi Venetian Museum

0.07 MILES

This atmospheric museum is in a handsome old tower house of the 13th century, within the kastro ramparts (by the northwest gate). Wander through the rooms…

5. Folk Museum Collection

0.14 MILES

This small, well-curated, privately owned collection gives a digestible account of elements that make Naxos’ history special: succinct displays cover…

6. Mitropolis Museum

0.14 MILES

Behind the northern end of the waterfront are several churches and chapels, as well as the Mitropolis Museum. It features fragments of a Mycenaean city …

7. Grotta Beach

0.19 MILES

This pebbly, stony beach to the north of town is pounded by waves when a northerly is blowing, but is relatively calm in a southerly. This is where the…

8. Town Hall

0.36 MILES

Naxos' impressive town hall sits high, looking out over the port.