Livadaki Beach


Currents can be treacherous here, but this pristine cove, hemmed in by rocky crags, is well worth the 2km hike down from the bus stop near the church of Agios Andreas at Ano Meria. It's a beautiful countryside ramble past ruins and a steep scramble down to the beach.

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1. Agios Nikolaos

1.46 MILES

This lovely cove, lapped at by clear, cerulean waters, is a favourite with sunbathers who like to bare all. It's reached via a 20-minute scramble along a…

2. Folklore Museum

1.64 MILES

At the Hora end of Ano Meria village, this tiny museum is up a side road, indicated by a hand-painted sign on the main road. It provides a glimpse of…

3. Angali Beach

1.92 MILES

Reachable by bus during the summer months, this pebble-and-sand beach is fringed by several good tavernas serving fish and seafood, and there's a decent…

4. Panagia

3.67 MILES

From Plateia Pounta, a zigzag path leads up to the large Church of the Virgin, Panagia, which sits perched on the side of a hill above the town and acts…

5. Katergo Beach

5.75 MILES

One of Folegandros' loveliest beaches, the Katergo Beach cove is great for sunbathing, though swimming to the nearby islet is not recommended due to…

6. Moni Episkopis

13.12 MILES

From the saddle between Kastro and Horio, a surfaced road leads southwest for 5km to Moni Episkopis, under renovation during research time. The remains…

7. Horio

14.85 MILES

Just west of Kastro, above steeply terraced fields and reached by a flight of whitewashed steps, is the reclusive, beautiful Horio. Still home to a dozen…

8. Kastro

14.98 MILES

A Venetian fortress that stood here in the 13th century gave Kastro its name. Today it is a charming, lived-in place, with winding alleyways between…