Neo Frourio

Corfu Town

The forbidding Neo Frourio is in fact only a little younger than the Old Fort across town. Surrounded by massive walls that crown the low hill at the western edge of the Old Town, it too dates from the Venetian era. Climbing the stairway at the western end of Solomou brings you to the entrance, where dank tunnels and passages lead through the walls. The ramparts beyond enjoy wonderful views.

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1. Greek Orthodox Cathedral

0.23 MILES

Corfu Town’s Greek Orthodox cathedral, or Mitropolis, stands atop a flight of steps leading from the Old Port. Festooned with huge chandeliers, its wide…

2. Solomos Museum

0.26 MILES

The former home of poet Dionysios Solomos (1798–1857), facing the Old Port across the waterfront road, is now a museum. His 'Hymn to Liberty' became the…

3. Church of Agios Spyridon

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Pilgrims and day-trippers alike throng this Old Town landmark. As well as magnificent frescoes, the small 16th-century basilica holds the remains of Corfu…

4. Banknote Museum

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Somewhat specialist, but oddly fascinating, the Banknote Museum occupies the upper floors of what was in 1840 the first-ever all-Greek bank. It traces the…

5. Antivouniotissa Museum

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Home to an outstanding collection of Byzantine and post-Byzantine icons and artefacts, the exquisite, timber-roofed Church of Our Lady of Antivouniotissa…

6. Corfu Living History

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This town house has been remodelled to illustrate the daily lives of a fictitious merchant family from the mid-19th century. Enthusiastic guides make the…

7. Corfu Philharmonic Society

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Via battered old instruments, photos and scores, this entertaining little museum tells the story of Greece’s first-ever marching band, which performed at…

8. Serbian Museum of Corfu

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Housed in the Serbian Consulate, this small museum tells of how Serbia’s army and government, retreating from the Bulgarians during WWI, were invited by…